A Penny For Your Thoughts

2015 Reader Survey

If I could pay you I would.

As a teenager I used to LOVE market research. My sister and I would catch the bus 10 minutes from our house and join a panel to review the latest chip flavour or menstrual pads and get paid a whopping $20 cold hard cash. Man, we had it made. Once my sister even did market research for cigarettes! How is that even legal??

Well now I’m on the other side of the fence, asking you lovely, wonderful, generous people a few questions about my little blog.

Blogging is a funny old business in that sometimes it can feel a bit like I’m the crazy lady at the bus stop spluttering excitedly about what she had to eat the night before. Wait, maybe that is me after all. Anyway, I have put together 10 questions at this link :


I would love to hear your thoughts about my blog and what kind of things you’d like to read about while you’re here!