Giant Snowflakes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love snow 🙂

I really truly do. Ask Legoman and he will tell you I turn into a crazy lady as soon as it starts to snow. And it’s snowed twice this week!!!! TWICE!!! 😀

Today started with beautiful wintery bright blue skies and by the afternoon big fat juicy snowflakes were coming down all around!! Possum and I sat by the back door to watch them for however long it was that they fell for. Bliss 🙂

I’m hoping this is a good sign of even more snow to come this winter. Fingers and toes are crossed.

I love snow 🙂

Anyhoo, food… Tonight I made a pasta dish with an actual recipe. Highly unusual behaviour. Normally it is grab whatever is going funky in the fridge, combine with tinned tomatoes and loads of garlic. And if it tastes… interesting, then you can smother it in cheese. But tonight I thought I would challenge my pasta making abilities with Lamb, Bean and Pea pasta from Cuisine Magazine. It seemed like a good way to hide little bite size pieces of meat, legume and vegetable so that our newly fussy toddler actually gets some nutrients into her apart from grapes and mushrooms (her two food obsessions at the moment).

Turns out her vegetable seeking abilities are better than an over enthusiastic sniffer dog and her oral dexterity means she can eat the pasta whilst spitting out any meat, veg or legume you’ve tried to hide in said pasta. Quite amazing really. Leaves tying a jelly snake in a knot for dead if you ask me. Though the win for tonight were the green peas. After a bit of coaxing and being force fed green peas by Possum, she finally thought she would try one for herself. The usual face squirm was the initial response followed by about 20 peas being individually shovelled (can you shovel a single green pea??) into her mouth. Hurray!! She ate multiple green things!!!

She also ate two mouthfuls of some Chicken (and cannellini bean and sweet potato) nuggets I also made today. All that effort for two bites. She has to be the only person who can walk away from Panko breadcrumbs. Seriously.

In other news, I have managed to get Possum up on my back using our woven wrap twice today! And she stayed put, no sliding out the bottom!! I honestly don’t know what I would do without baby wearing. You can get so much more done and bub is happy to be part of whatever it is you need to do. Win Win. If you want to have a look at some great wraps, check out this local business… Frangipani Baby.

Vietnamese Chicken Curry

Affordability : EXCELLENT. Makes use of pantry and freezer staples with the help of a handful of homegrown mint (one of the few things I can successfully grow).

Time Factor : EXCELLENT. Dinner ready in 20 minutes. The only chopping you have to do is one garlic clove and a handful of mint leaves. Super easy!

Complexity : LOW. Even easier than spag bol!

Deliciousness : LOW-MODERATE. I wasn’t a huge fan but Legoman liked it. Possum liked the peas, which made me happy. The pine nuts are a must (I left them off of Possum’s serve).

Mess : LOW. Two saucepans. Done.

Tummy Filling Factor : EXCELLENT. Carbs, meat and legumes. Makes for a full belly.

Possum Friendly? YES. The ingredients for this pasta dish makes it perfect for Baby Led Weaning, particularly once they have established or want to practice their pincer grasp.

Would I make it again? Probably not. Green peas can go in many other dishes.

And to sign off, here is a little cuteness to brighten your day. My little garden gnome.

Photo: My little garden gnome :-)


What do you call this love?

Chops and veg. Easy right? Foolproof dinner of Australian household since the first fleet arrived (nor based on any truth). Then how the &*%^ did I manage to stuff them up. Again.

I’m blaming the oven/grill. I used to rock a lamb chop at our old house, with the trusty no frills rental stove, with separate grill. This new house has one of those kinda fancy in the wall ovens which is a grill as well. The oven is great, love the fact it’s off the floor so Possum can’t touch it. Hate the whole grill side of it. Is the door meant to be open?? But if it is, that’s a whole lot of door that’s open. Plus there are two settings; maxi grill (sounds like a fire hazard to me) or fan grill (what??). Neither of them cook chops well. It’s like you’re baking and grilling at the same time, so my poor little chops end up like jerky at the end. And not in a good way.

Thank goodness for leftover roast pumpkin! The moisture made sure chewing the chops didn’t sap every last drop of saliva from my mouth.

Such a disappointment. These were nice organic chops too… As a side note, organic only tastes better if they’re cooked properly!

On impulse I bought some haloumi this week. At least chewing that made me happy. It makes a noise like you’re walking in snow. That sound always makes me smile. At least initially. Then I get sad that I’m so far away from snow. One day I’ll go skiing again. One day.

I used to live on the Isle of Man, doing the whole work travel thing. I was there for 8 months. While I was there I went skiing in France (the second time I’ve been skiing in my whole life). I came back on such a high. Swooning over how much I love snow. Snow snow, wonderful snow. Speaking to Legoman on the phone early one morning (we were doing the long distance relationship thing, it can work!) and basically I wouldn’t shut up about how much I loved snow. Then I hung up the phone, opened my curtains, and what lay before me? But the most wonderful thick blanket on newly fallen snow I’ve ever laid eyes on! And it was still falling! I ran up and down the corridor of the nurses quarters in my pyjamas knocking on doors and calling out “It’s snowing! It’s actually snowing!!”. Then donning my ski gear (yes I bough ski clothes, in the hope I will get to wear them again one day) went out at 6am to frolick, take photos and watch bewildered as people were attempting to drive. Oh how I loved that day. It was only bettered when something similar happened here in the Blue Mountains last year.

I woke up to a light falling of snow, but none settling. I am super scared of driving in snow so called work to say I’d wait until it stopped to come in. 6 hours later it stopped. 15cm deep. AWESOME!! Snow and no work! I was pregnant at the time but early enough my ski pants still fit! They got another wear!

I digress. Sorry!

Chops and Veg

Affordability : MODERATE. As far as meat goes, chops are a cheap alternative. But a waste of money when you cook them poorly!

Time Factor : MODERATE. Normally you would grill your chops while you roast some veg, using one grill and one oven. What do you do when it’s an all in one??? Someone please help me out here!

Complexity : LOW. Should be low. But somehow I’m doing something wrong here…

Deliciousness : Normally HIGH, can’t beat a good chop. Tonight, LOW, anything beats a bad chop.

Mess : MODERATE. I always think this is a low mess meal. Until I go to use the grill again… hello lard.

Tummy Filling Factor : MODERATE. A good meal to fill up on vegetables. An unhappy and unwell Possum tonight meant the veg selection was a bit average.

Possum Friendly? YES. Cut off some meat to give yo you bub, or if the bones are safe for your baby, give them the whole thing to chew on! Red meat is great at any age, even as a first food! (And who said you had to have iron fortified cereal!). Roast veg are also a great baby led weaning food. Save time and hassle and cook a big tray.

Would I make it again? Yes, and hopefully next time it will be edible.