Toddler Cooking Adventures!

quick and easy microwave popcorn

It’s all been feeling a bit like Noah’s ark at the moment. Crazy rain and wind throughout our state for days on end. Weather like this makes me want to crawl under a blanket, eat lots of food, drink hot chocolate and binge on TV series on DVDs. Alas being the mother of a toddler, this scenario pans out a little differently…. “mummy! mummy! mummy! I want to watch a mooooooovie!! mummy! moooooovie!” normally this has started at about 8:30 in the morning. Depending on my level of sleep, patience and general awesomeness I can sometimes hold out until about 3pm. Then it is not just a movie, but popcorn and movie time! For Possum AND mummy 🙂

Possum has been really enjoying getting into the kitchen lately and pretending to cook constantly. Making microwave popcorn from scratch has been a really fun, simple and easy way to include her in the kitchen as well as make a super tasty and reasonably healthy snack for the two of us to share.

Here is how to make it! What movie will you be watching? Our favourites are Madagascar Two (Possum calls it Lion Movie), Ratatouille (Rat Movie) and Rio 2 (Rio Movie).

Easy Microwave Popcorn – serves 4

1/3 cup popping corn

a decent chunk of butter

a shake of salt

Melt the butter in a large microwave safe bowl (I use my Pyrex mixing bowl) for around 30 seconds in the microwave, making sure you have a cover over the bowl. Take bowl out of the microwave, add your salt and popping corn (this is Possum’s job). Stir to combine (also Possum’s job).

Possum's cooking adventures

Possum’s cooking adventures

Stir stir stir

Stir stir stir

Place bowl and cover in the microwave for 3 minutes 20 seconds for a 1000W microwave.

Don't forget the cover!!!

Don’t forget the cover!!!

Stay close by to listen for when the pops slow down. Take your delicious hot bowl of buttery popcorn out of the microwave using oven mitts. Divide among movie watchers or share from one big (but still hot so be careful!) bowl. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Delicious hot popcorn!!

Delicious hot popcorn!!

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One of those days

There’s a famous quote… “Even the best laid plans something something something something”. That was today. The plan was for salmon (I was going to cook it in the oven in foil parcels with maple syrup, soy sauce, sesame oil, shallots and ginger) with Brocolli Crunch. But by the time it was dinner, inspiration and energy were running low. It took me 1.5 hours to get Possum to sleep 30 minutes this afternoon. That’s not fair on either of us!

So tonight Lego Man and I combined forces. Me at the grill pan with the salmon (just salmon, nothing else) and Lego Man at the microwave with left over risotto and some green veg. With our powers combined we created, an edible dinner. I undercooked the salmon as per usual, but some extra minutes in the pan created the best crunchy crust. The risotto was still super delicious and the vegetables were cooked to microwave perfection (and no I’m not being sarcastic, there’s a knack).

Crunchy Salmon

Crunchy Salmon

Salmon with Risotto and Vegetables

Affordability : MODERATE. Salmon ain’t cheap! But it’s tasty and I’m looking forward to offering some to Possum.
Time Factor : EXCELLENT. Dinner in 10 minutes. I filled the 10 minutes with eating chips and drinking wine.
Complexity : LOW. The key to good veg in the microwave is not much water and in the right container. And once again, better to undercook them than over cook.
Deliciousness : MODERATE. Not fancy but still pretty tasty.
Mess : LOW. Apart from the oil splatter
Tummy Filling Factor : EXCELLENT. I couldn’t finish my dinner again tonight. But that might have something to do with the 5pm dinner, the chips and then the 8pm dinner…
Possum Friendly? MODERATE. Will offer the salmon, she loved tinned salmon so fingers crossed.

Would I make it again? Probably, on another day like today. But it probably won’t be salmon, instead it’s probably going to be “fish in a box” from the freezer.

Salmon with RIsotto and Veg

Salmon with RIsotto and Veg

Possum Update: Korma curry HUGE success. She scoffed it down at lunch and dinner. I like that it offers her a variety of vegetables. She seemed to like that too and her little hands hovered over her high chair tray like an eagle hunting for food, diving down when she laid eyes on the bit that she wanted most.