Holy Hail Balls!

To people that say there’s no such thing as global warming, I yell a massive “BULLSHIT!”. These people must clearly live inside 24/7 in perfectly climate controlled surrounds, without windows. Because you cannot deny the crazy weather that is going on everywhere. Today in our cozy little mountains town, we had a glorious autumn morning, perfect for everyone to get out and remember the service men and women who have laid their lives on the line for our country (ANZAC day for those unfamiliar).

And then come early afternoon the heavens opened and dropped a truck load of hail! And I’m not talking a few minutes of tiny little ice blobs. I’m talking 30 minutes of 1cm-2cm sized chunks being pelted down from the heavens! Possum loves getting a bowl of hail to play with, so I popped a little tupperwear container out when it first started. Within a minute or two it was covered, literally in hail! I tried popping outside to go collect it for her and got pumelled so hard I ran back inside, grabbing a fist full of hail stones on the way. Possum very happily had a snow cone for afternoon tea (that tasted like gum leaves!).

The whole thing was mesmerizing, beautiful and a little off putting. The associated thunder and lightning was dramatic to say the least.

Amidst all of this I met with a doula today who amazingly braved the hail and crazy drivers to make it safely to my house to talk babies and birth. That is dedication!

Check out the pics of this crazy hail!



To warm us up I concocted a delicious Pumpkin and Leek Oven Baked Millet Risotto…. but that is a post for another day 😉

Stay warm and safe everyone, and thank goodness for roofs over our heads and the peace we are given daily.