Breaking in Woven Wraps

We got a lovely new wrap this week and have been breaking it in by using it, but here are some other great suggestions. Might try the braiding, like the idea of giant crochet!

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More often than not, when you receive your new carrier it will feel a little stiff and crispy fresh out of the box. This is particularly the case with woven wraps, and people are often asking what they can do to soften up their new beauties and “break them in”. My favourite method of breaking in wraps is to just use them, and use them and use them… but sometimes it’s nice to speed the process up a little so you can enjoy a soft, floppy wrap a little sooner, especially if your wrap contains a strong fibre like linen or hemp. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Wash, tumble dry and iron. Washing your new wrap on arrival is a good idea anyway, so begin by washing as per the instructions that come with the wrap. If it is a fibre that allows it, you can then…

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Rainbow Fridge Clearout Stir Fry

My wonderful day of getting things done was followed by today, a day of getting only a couple of things done. We did get to music playgroup though, and on time too! Huzzah! I had a bean and beetroot burger planned for dinner but time just didn’t allow for it today and I didn’t seem to have time to do prep during the day (maybe the nice nap with Possum this afternoon and getting an awesome new baby wrap had something to do with it…). So a last minute decision was made to make Rainbow Fridge Clearout Stir Fry. I reckon every house has their own version of this. The same way every house does spaghetti bolognese different. They are both tasty, easy meals that are a great way of getting rid of stuff in your veggie drawer. So what went into ours?

First into the pan went: Coconut oil, 1 brown onion sliced, 2 cloves of garlic crushed, 1 long green red chilli cut thickly, 1 stem of lemongrass finely chopped.

Then went in: 500g pork mince, 1 Tbsp kecap manis, a few drops of sesame oil and 1/2 Tbsp sweet chilli sauce.

Cook until meat it done, then remove from the pan.

Then add: coconut oil, 1 sliced zucchini, 1 sliced red capsicum, 1/4 of a red cabbage, 2 carrots cut into matchsticks and a handful of green beans cut into 1/3.

Cook for a minute then add 1/2 cup of stock (I got to use my homemade chicken stock from yesterday). Cook until vegetables are nearly to your liking.

Then add: 3 small packets of udon noodles, some more kacap manis, sesame oil and sweet chilli sauce.

Push the noodles into the liquid to help break them up. Mix through.

Then add: your meat and onion mix.

Mix to combine.

Then add: chopped spring onions and chopped coriander.

Serve with a smile!

I went a bit light on the sauces and seasoning as I’m hoping this will be something Possum can eat tomorrow.

Rainbow Fridge Clearout Stir Fry

Affordability : EXCELLENT. You’re using up stuff that would otherwise go off, so as cheap as it gets! A great oppurtunity to get creative with flavours in the kitchen!

Time Factor : EXCELLENT. Chop and mix and you’re done! We don’t have a wok yet but that would make things even faster (though I did read today it’s healthier to cook your veg slowly so the oils your using don’t oxidise and become unstable).

Complexity : LOW. Make it what you will but no real instructions needed.

Deliciousness : MODERATE. Tummy filling, vegetable laden goodness. I love noodles.

Mess : LOW. One pan wonder. I like to get a bit TV cooking show, and have my veg prepped into bowls in the order they will be added ie onion etc in one and chopped veg in another.

Tummy Filling Factor : MODERATE – EXCELLENT. A bit more meat/protein would fill me up more, but still satisfied.

Possum Friendly? YES. Keeping the salt low with homemade stock and minimal sauces means this will be a good option for Possum. I made sure the veg were cut into shapes that are easy to handle and safe to eat eg carrots into matchsticks not discs. I’m hoping the chilli in it isn’t too much for her.

Would I make it again? Yes, of course. Everyone will!

Rainbow Fridge Clearout Stirfry

Rainbow Fridge Clearout Stirfry

Freezer Surprise

Ah sweet freezer surprise. You are always welcome in my home. As I sat with my baby and patted her to sleep, my mind wandered to my stomach. And to the silence coming from the kitchen meant Lego Man wasn’t cooking up a solution to my quandry. The kitchen is not the natural habitat of Lego Man. Outdoors, yes. Man Cave, yes. Office, yes. But this week was a week of no plans. No recipes on the counter. No plan on the fridge. Back to old ways. Back to eating somewhere between 8 and 9pm. Thank goodness for freezer surprise.

And behind Door Number 1………..!

Stuffed Eggplant Mousaka and Tuna Pesto Pasta. Not often freezer surprise is a two course feast. In order for the eggplant to be defrosted we did need to press “Auto cook” on the microwave about 15 times. I remembered they weren’t fab first time round so added some things that would hopefully help. Salt, pepper and cheese. It helped enough to make it much easier to eat. I thought I had a photo of the meal for you but one was really out of focus and the other my finger is taking up half the photo… this is what happends when you’re a hungry mummy!

Thank goodness tonight is planning night.

The plan and weather is looking a bit like this:

MONDAY/ rain 21 

Baked Farro Risotto with Lamb Chops and Vegetables

TUESDAY/ early shower 22

Winter Veg and Tofu Korma with brown rice and quinoa

WEDNESDAY/ partly cloudy 26

Broccoli Crunch and Salmon with brown rice and quinoa

THURSDAY/ sunny 20

Grilled Chicken Salad with pineapple, macadamias and chilli (taste Magazine Jan 2014)

FRIDAY/ partly cloudy 17

Take away, freezer surprise or BBQ

SATURDAY/ weather forecast not available yet…

Take away, freezer surprise or BBQ

Thankyou to my facebook page (just search for pea fritters) for the baked risotto idea. I was trawling one of my favourite sites, 101 cookbooks, when I saw she had a baked farro risotto. Perfect! Thursday’s chicken salad is a dish I made a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. Will write out the recipe for you later in the week.  I’m also hoping to make a Brown Butter Spice Loaf to get us through the move. It’s spicy buttery goodness.

No scale for tonight’s dinner sorry.

Though here is a cute photo of Possum’s happy feet while she ate her dinner of Possum Love Puffs, avocado and apple. She and I had a lovely time at baby wearing yoga today.

Happy Possum Feet

Happy Possum Feet