Thursday Tips: The Power In Choices

This woman and fellow blogger is a seasoned speech therapist. She has a great blog about making food fun and suggestions for fussy eaters. This post about choices has some lovely ideas for meal times and life in general with a little person.


The Power in ChoicesGiving kids choices gives everyone power. You control the situation because you get to choose what the choices are and your child has control because she gets to guide the situation. A true win-win!  

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Because I care………

My wonderful friend Jane offers some food for thought. I hope it opens your mind and your heart to those who need our love and compassion.

What's Next?

Lake Kivu, Rwanda, some of the poorest and happiest children in the world. Lake Kivu, Rwanda, some of the poorest and happiest children in the world.

There’s one thing that is on my mind a lot at the moment. I’m reluctant to write about it because it’s political and it’s controversial and I usually try to avoid those topics. But this is one I think I have to talk about. I can’t get my head around how it’s happening and how we don’t seem to have anything in place to stop it. It plays on my mind and I just can’t stop thinking about it and then I think that to do nothing and say nothing is the same as condoning what is happening.

We hear it all the time ‘Stop the boats’ ‘Illegals’ ‘Queue jumpers’. And a whole lot of other derogatory terms. And somehow, that language seeps into the vocabulary and thinking of people. What are we really talking about? Desperate…

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spinach & ricotta fritters

I really like hearing other people’s baby led weaning suggestions. This is a lovely blog with heaps of great ideas for your bub. Help spread the baby led weaning (BLW) word! FYI BLW is considered gold standard for feeding by dieticians!

my lovely little lunch box

spinach & ricotta frittersspinach & ricotta fritters

What I love most about sharing my baby led weaning recipes on my lovely little lunch box is meeting and talking to you beautiful mama’s!

I love receiving your emails and comments and adore hearing all about your baby led weaning wins.

Lately, a lot of mama’s about to embark on the baby led weaning journey have been asking me the same question, ‘I am really confused about what foods to begin baby led weaning with, do you have any recommendations?’.

My answer each and every time: vegetable fritters.

When we first began baby led weaning with Miss G. vegetable fritters were our go to meal!

No only are they super simple to prepare and jam packed with a tonne of wonderful vegetables but they’re the perfect shape and texture for teeny tiny little hands to hold and nibble on with ease.  When beginning baby led weaning always keep in…

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