Emergency Numbers For Pregnancy – Free Printable

Emergency Numbers In Pregnancy - Free Printable

Pregnancy is such a miraculous state, yet it isn’t always smooth sailing. My first pregnancy was a dream run. Textbook. A bit of nausea. Tiredness. Sore boobs. I then went on to have a completely intervention free natural delivery at 40+5 weeks. So when I fell pregnant this time I expected a similar experience. It wasn’t to be.

I still physically felt fine. Until I went to my 20 week scan and was diagnosed with placenta praevia. My placenta was actually covering the cervix. This caused me a huge amount of emotional stress as the prospect of bleeding, hospital stays and a possible c-section delivery loomed. But weeks passed, life carried on as normal, and I thought “Hey, maybe I can still make it to the end and have the natural delivery I’m hoping for”. Everything was going tickedy-boo, until I went to bed a week ago and felt myself bleeding.

Frantic phone calls later, I ended up in an ambulance being transferred to the nearest large teaching hospital, 1 hour away.

I ended up being in hospital for just 2 nights thankfully, but as a mother of a 2 year old, that’s a really long time! It was also the first time we had had a night away from each other, and it certainly wasn’t the circumstances I was hoping that milestone would happen in.

A few things became apparent during this whole series of events.

1. I wish I had a bag packed earlier. I did have a moment to pack a bag but in the panic forgot things like toothbrush, slippers, body wash. The little things that help make you feel a bit more human when you’re in hospital.

2. I don’t have all the phone numbers I need in my phone!!!

3. The people you want to answer their phones aren’t always able to. My husband was away and out of phone reception while this was all happening. So I needed to have a team of people lined up ready to look after both me and my daughter.

On coming home Legoman and I decided that I needed to:

  • Pack an emergency bag which may involve also being in hospital for an emergency c-section (hello breast pads)
  • Make a list of all emergency contacts should this happen again. And to share that list with family/friends.

So to make your life a little easier too, instead of just scribbling the phone numbers on a scrap of paper, I have made a free printable for you. Simply print out the list and fill in the blanks. For a few of the people on the list there may be multiple numbers. For example, Legoman has both his work and mobile number. My parents have their home, mobiles and work numbers.

I’m hoping you and I never have to use these numbers, but just in case, it’s always good to be prepared!

Best of luck in your pregnancy! Here’s to chubby bubbies!

Emergency Numbers In Pregnancy - Click to Download

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How to have a stress free toddler birthday party + free party planner printable

How to have a stress free toddler party + free party planner printable

In case you missed it, my beautiful daughter turned 2 this week! So of course we had a lovely little party for her over the weekend. And I have to say the whole event was relatively stress free.

How was having a gaggle of toddlers and family around stress free? Well let me tell you why…

  1. Don’t have the party at your house. Possum’s first birthday was at our house. This meant the house had to be clean. Need I say more. This year we went to the park, literally around the corner from our house. It has kick arse swings, two slides, toilets and under cover picnic areas. Perfect. There was plenty of room for happy toddlers to run around, grass for younger bubs to roll around on and plenty of breathing room for this pregnant mumma.
  2. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Repeat after me. “I don’t have to do everything, I don’t have to do everything”. This is what friends and family are for. Grandparents are wonderful in so many ways. Their amazing cooking, cleaning and entertaining skills can all be put to good use when planning a party. For example my mother in law cleaned up the undercover picnic areas for us the morning of the party. Amazing. My parents came to our house to help do morning dishes, entertain Possum and my Mum was wonderful and whipped up some cream cheese icing at the last minute for Possum’s birthday cake. My sister loves shiny pretty things and is wonderfully creative. So her job was decorations. I literally said “balloons and streamers in rainbow colours”. I arrived to find home made paper chains, balloons, streamers, glittery shapes and a happy birthday banner. Way more than my brain could even compute!
  3. Keep things simple. Toddlers are wonderful little creatures and get crazy excited at even the littlest of things. Like having party hats and a cake. They don’t need a live band, 20 animal petting zoo AND a decorator cake. The little ones had so much fun dancing around the park with streamers, hiding in bushes and watching balloons make farting noises as they zoomed through the air. Nice and simple.
  4. Get someone else to take photos. Kind of like your wedding day, you want to enjoy the fact you have kept a tiny little person alive for so long despite horrible sleep, a diet of food scraps and cold tea and a complete and utter sense of having no idea what the hell you are doing. Celebrate! But do get someone else to capture your happy faces. Make sure that person understands your camera and are happy to be the camera person for the day. Reassure them you don’t want Ansel Adams images, just your typical family happy snaps.
  5. Skip the presents. I don’t mean all together, but just from party guests. I think Possum’s Grandparents would have a meltdown if we said no gifts from them! Ask guests to bring a plate of food to share instead. This is a double win. Your party gets catered plus you don’t have to deal with bringing even more stuff into your home. Also, many kids/adults have food allergies and sensitivities. Bring a plate allows families to bring known safe food. It also saves you having to make gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free anything.
  6. Have an amazing husband. I am beyond grateful for having a husband who is great with logistics and event planning. He used to organise logistics for ultra marathons and the such, so a toddler birthday party is easy! Lovely little touches he thought of were things like having a camping stove to make the nanas and grandmas hot cups of tea, packing camping chairs and picnic blankets, having camping plates rather than throw aways. So thank you so much Legoman for not only being an awesome father but also a wonderful husband! xx
  7. Have a plan. It’s a good idea to have at least a vague idea of what you need/want for this party. To make this easier for you I have made a free party planner printable. Stick it on the fridge (next to your free printable meal planner!) and add to it as you think of things. Click Pea Fritters Party Planner Free Printable to download.

I truly hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your little person! Have a friend who you think might find this post and free party planner printable helpful? Simply share this post on Facebook, Pinterest or email!

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Free Family Favourites Printable

Free Family Favourites Printable

I put out a 2015 Reader Survey last week (I’d love for you to follow the link and take a moment to fill me in!)  to gauge what you all enjoyed about my little blog and what things you want more of. I had some great responses which got me all excited with ideas! One wonderful idea was, could I please make a printable which you could list the ingredients for your go to meals. That way you could tick them off as you find them in the cupboard and add the missing ones to your shopping list. Brilliant! You could even write down the recipe on the reverse side or print a second copy to laminate together.

So here it is for you! The 4 Family Favourites Free Printable! Click the link below ….

*** 4 Family Favourites – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

I would suggest laminating and sticking to your fridge. Use a fine whiteboard marker or permanent marker to write down the name of your favourite meal up the top, then list off all the ingredients. I suggest being nice and specific, that way if someone else needs to do the shopping it’s right there!

This free printable would work really well with my Meal Planning Template!

What other printables would you find useful?

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Free Printable Meal Plan Template

Free printable meal plan template

FREE PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNING TEMPLATE!!!! Woohoo!!! When I first started meal planning over a year ago, I found a free printable that didn’t make my eyes hurt, printed it 52 times (who wants to remember to print something every week?) and set sail on what has been a very enjoyable meal planning journey. I’m nearly out of the ones I had printed and needed a change. So I made a new one!!

Free printable meal plan template

Pea Fritters Free Printable Meal Planner

Meal planning has made my world more calm, more varied, and more adventurous!

I have been meal planning and blogging for over a year now. And jeepers alot has happened since I first jumped onto my laptop to start typing my first post. Moved house, bought a house, went back to work, fell pregnant, figured out our daughter’s allergies, celebrated the births of new babies, celebrated the birthdays of babies growing up. I also managed to publish a few of my own recipes!

And thank goodness I had been meal planning through all of that otherwise this may have happened….

Don't mess with a hangry mama

Don’t mess with a hangry mama

My friends often say “Wow, you must be so organised to meal plan! I just don’t think I could do it”. To which I say “It’s because I’m poorly organised that I meal plan!!”. If I didn’t meal plan we would probably be having toast waaaaaaaay too many nights to be social or nutritionally acceptable. Plus it saves us money (our food costs about the same every week without trying). It gives me more time with Possum. It helps Legoman dive head first into the kitchen to cook us dinner twice a week. Plus it gives me luxurious cookbook and food magazine browsing time, which Possum is now a part of (she loves pointing out all the different foods and even suggests things to cook now, mostly Pear Cake!).

So with all these amazing benefits to meal planning, what are you waiting for?? Download your FREE PRINTABLE meal planning template now!!! I made it myself 🙂

Free printable meal plan template

Pea Fritters Free Printable Meal Planner

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Free Printables

Just wanted to share the link for meal planning printables. I personally use the one with the owl on it, and write my shopping list as I find the recipes I will use. Then on shopping day cut off the shopping list to take with me and the menu stays on the fridge. I hope you find one you like!

Free Owl Weekly Meal Planner

Another option to hit up Etsy (a whole world of wonderfulness) for pretty printable PDFs which you may need to pay a few dollars for.