Breaking in Woven Wraps

We got a lovely new wrap this week and have been breaking it in by using it, but here are some other great suggestions. Might try the braiding, like the idea of giant crochet!

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More often than not, when you receive your new carrier it will feel a little stiff and crispy fresh out of the box. This is particularly the case with woven wraps, and people are often asking what they can do to soften up their new beauties and “break them in”. My favourite method of breaking in wraps is to just use them, and use them and use them… but sometimes it’s nice to speed the process up a little so you can enjoy a soft, floppy wrap a little sooner, especially if your wrap contains a strong fibre like linen or hemp. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Wash, tumble dry and iron. Washing your new wrap on arrival is a good idea anyway, so begin by washing as per the instructions that come with the wrap. If it is a fibre that allows it, you can then…

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