Free Family Favourites Printable

Free Family Favourites Printable

I put out a 2015 Reader Survey last week (I’d love for you to follow the link and take a moment to fill me in!)  to gauge what you all enjoyed about my little blog and what things you want more of. I had some great responses which got me all excited with ideas! One wonderful idea was, could I please make a printable which you could list the ingredients for your go to meals. That way you could tick them off as you find them in the cupboard and add the missing ones to your shopping list. Brilliant! You could even write down the recipe on the reverse side or print a second copy to laminate together.

So here it is for you! The 4 Family Favourites Free Printable! Click the link below ….

*** 4 Family Favourites – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

I would suggest laminating and sticking to your fridge. Use a fine whiteboard marker or permanent marker to write down the name of your favourite meal up the top, then list off all the ingredients. I suggest being nice and specific, that way if someone else needs to do the shopping it’s right there!

This free printable would work really well with my Meal Planning Template!

What other printables would you find useful?

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