Free Printable Meal Plan Template

Free printable meal plan template

FREE PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNING TEMPLATE!!!! Woohoo!!! When I first started meal planning over a year ago, I found a free printable that didn’t make my eyes hurt, printed it 52 times (who wants to remember to print something every week?) and set sail on what has been a very enjoyable meal planning journey. I’m nearly out of the ones I had printed and needed a change. So I made a new one!!

Free printable meal plan template

Pea Fritters Free Printable Meal Planner

Meal planning has made my world more calm, more varied, and more adventurous!

I have been meal planning and blogging for over a year now. And jeepers alot has happened since I first jumped onto my laptop to start typing my first post. Moved house, bought a house, went back to work, fell pregnant, figured out our daughter’s allergies, celebrated the births of new babies, celebrated the birthdays of babies growing up. I also managed to publish a few of my own recipes!

And thank goodness I had been meal planning through all of that otherwise this may have happened….

Don't mess with a hangry mama

Don’t mess with a hangry mama

My friends often say “Wow, you must be so organised to meal plan! I just don’t think I could do it”. To which I say “It’s because I’m poorly organised that I meal plan!!”. If I didn’t meal plan we would probably be having toast waaaaaaaay too many nights to be social or nutritionally acceptable. Plus it saves us money (our food costs about the same every week without trying). It gives me more time with Possum. It helps Legoman dive head first into the kitchen to cook us dinner twice a week. Plus it gives me luxurious cookbook and food magazine browsing time, which Possum is now a part of (she loves pointing out all the different foods and even suggests things to cook now, mostly Pear Cake!).

So with all these amazing benefits to meal planning, what are you waiting for?? Download your FREE PRINTABLE meal planning template now!!! I made it myself 🙂

Free printable meal plan template

Pea Fritters Free Printable Meal Planner

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