Joyful Joyful!!

Joyful JoyfulA new life is on its way! Possum is going to be a big sister and our little trio will swell to 4 (thank goodness it won’t suddenly spike to 5!).
There has been a lack of posts of late partly due to first trimester nausea and tiredness. It’s hard to meal plan when all you want to eat is ice cream, 2 minute noodles and chips! Am proud to say I’ve managed to eat dinner every night, where as with Possum it was only every second night.
Anyone have hot tips for meal planning while pregnant? Fingers crossed it settles sooner rather than later…
In other news we have a food challenge booked at our local teaching hospital to see if Possum can start eating egg again. Oh I so hope she can! Eggs are so nutritious and so fast to cook! And who doesn’t love bacon and eggs? Will keep you posted.

What’s going on in your world?