I want that one…

I have never had to limit my diet (apart from a week without meat recently). I eat whatever I want. Whenever possible. I need to eat regularly to maintain my weight at the moment (thanks breastfeeding!) and to keep my marriage (hello hangry).

Yet, this week we started an elimination diet to help nut out a few thing going on for our dear little Possum. We were pointed in the direction of the RPA Elimination Diet. One post on my trusty Natural Parents Facebook page and I had a copy of the handbook and the cookbook on loan! Thankyou Blue Mountains mummas! Thank goodness I’m now well into the swing of meal planning, so at least planning out our low food chemical dinners were depressing, but organised.

So what are we cutting out? I didn’t think Possum had any serious allergies so opted for the Low Food Chemical elimination diet which meant we were keeping in dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts. However, after one day on this elimination diet and having an egg and rice pie for dinner, poor little Possum broke out in a rash all over her trunk which lasted over 12 hours. So no more eggs for us now. And because of that, at the end of the week, we are going to go the whole hog. Strict Elimination Diet. Words I hoped to never say.

We are keeping a thorough food and symptom diary, which for me basically says “feeling cranky and hungry”. I’m so mopey. I feel a bit like Andy in Little Britain…

Last night we had crumbed fish and roast veg for dinner. If I stuck to the low chemical foods only we would’ve had potato, swede and iceberg lettuce. Wow. So delicious and enticing. But we bent the rules and included green beans, butternut pumpkin and sweet potato. Making the fish involved first dipping the fish in fake flour (gluten free), then fake egg (egg replacer aka potato starch) then fake breadcrumbs (rice crumbs). Tasted pretty good considering.

Tonight was Lamb and Celery Satay which used a sauce made from cashew paste (surprisingly cashews are a low food chemical food and allowed as long as you can eat nuts), citric acid, sugar, salt and garlic. Not bad really.

Tomorrow night is marinated lamb kebabs. And then fish on Friday again.


Only another 28 days to go…

It’s the lunches and snacks that are a killer. Thought I was doing well when I found cottage cheese was on the list, but read the ingredients and it has preservatives in it!!

Anyone else been down this road?

Glad we are doing it though as we have already found one culprit for causing Possum some issues. Fingers crossed it’s just the one!